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Teeth Whitening Specialist

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Ryan Pendleton, DDS

Orthodontics located in Leander, TX

Whitening your teeth is an affordable way to boost self-confidence and pride in the way your smile looks. At Pendleton Orthodontics in Leander, Texas, orthodontist Ryan Pendleton, DDS, offers teeth-whitening services with take-home custom kits. To learn how teeth whitening works and how it’ll change your smile, call the office or book a visit online today.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a highly popular treatment process that you can get to improve your smile’s aesthetics. It’s more affordable than more intensive cosmetic treatments like veneers, and you don’t have to sacrifice any of your tooth enamel to get a smile that looks better instantly. 

Pendleton Orthodontics offers teeth-whitening treatments for a final touch after orthodontic care, which straightens your teeth or aligns your bite. While over-the-counter whitening products can make a slight difference in the tooth shades you see when you smile, professional whitening services at Pendleton Orthodontics are much more effective.

Dr. Pendleton and his team make sure you understand how you can maintain the results of teeth whitening with diligent brushing, flossing, and limiting certain staining foods and substances in your diet. 

How does teeth whitening work?

Pendleton Orthodontics offers whitening products that are stronger than the products available over the counter. These products contain bleaching components like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide at a higher percentage.

During your consultation for teeth whitening, Dr. Pendleton takes digital impressions of your teeth to create customized trays for the whitening product. These trays fit over your teeth perfectly and saturate the product across all of their surfaces. 

You take the whitening trays home and use them according to Dr. Pendleton’s instructions. With your kit, you can whiten your teeth on your own time in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Will teeth whitening work for me?

Teeth whitening is understandably popular for a quick beautification and boost in self-confidence. It’s safe for most individuals and tends to produce consistent results. 

You might be a candidate for teeth whitening at Pendleton Orthodontics if:

  • Your teeth have yellow or brown stains and discoloration
  • Your stains come from food, drinks, and tobacco use
  • You’re committed to oral hygiene
  • Your teeth aren’t highly sensitive or prone to sensitivity

Teeth whitening will not make a difference on restorations like crowns, bridges, dentures, or veneers, and it’s important to keep that in mind. For this reason, many dentists suggest getting teeth whitening before you get restorations so they can match the ceramic or porcelain to the newly whiter tooth shade instead of the older, duller shade.

If you have dark teeth from trauma or medications with shades of gray that don’t respond to bleaching, you can consider covering those teeth with color-matched veneers or crowns. 

To learn more about the teeth-whitening process, call Pendleton Orthodontics or book an appointment online at either office today.