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Smile Makeover



At Pendleton Orthodontics, we know how important an attractive smile is for our patients. A nice smile can make you feel better about yourself and more confident. It can also change for the better the way other people view you. A nice smile can truly improve the quality of your life overall. That’s why Dr. Pendleton is so pleased to offer smile makeover services to his patients from throughout the Leander, TX, area.


If you are unhappy or embarrassed by your smile, Dr. Pendleton wants you to know that he can help! Put very simply, a smile makeover is a combination of procedures designed to give you the most attractive smile possible. The first step involves scheduling a meeting with Dr. Pendleton, during which he can review your dental history and discuss the goals that you have with regard to the appearance of your smile. After that, Dr. Pendleton will put together a customized smile makeover plan just for you.

For most patients, a smile makeover will consist of several separate procedures that are completed over the course of multiple visits to our Leander, TX office. The specific procedures differ for each patient. For example, if you would like to have straighter and whiter teeth, Dr. Pendleton may recommend braces or aligner trays, followed by teeth whitening. Whatever you need to achieve a more beautiful smile, there’s a procedure available that will take you one step closer to that goal!


Almost anyone can be a good candidate for a smile makeover. It’s important to remember that most makeovers take time to complete. This is especially true for people who would like straighter teeth, a process that typically takes several months. But the results are well worth the wait! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Pendleton to find out what procedures he recommends to give you a picture-perfect smile!


Contact us today! We are pleased to serve patients from throughout the Leander, TX, area. We would be happy to welcome you to our patient family!

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