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Adult Treatment


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When you think of orthodontics, you may immediately envision young teenagers with braces. With the advent of modern technologies, adult treatment options for orthodontics are becoming more and more common. This is because appliances have become not only more inconspicuous but also have made treatment more comfortable and efficient.


The types of orthodontic treatment recommended by Dr. Pendleton will be quite similar for both adults and younger patients, but when deciding which procedures to suggest, Dr. Pendleton has additional factors to consider with his older patients.

  • Bone mass: Adult patients may suffer a certain amount of bone loss, and the bone that does exist is typically not as pliable as bones in younger patients. This means that orthodontic procedures such as straightening teeth may take longer in adults than in teenagers or children.
  • Gaps from tooth extractions: Adults who have had one or more teeth pulled have gaps left behind, which can be difficult to close.
  • Bite issues: Many adult patients seek orthodontic treatment to correct an improper bite. But this type of problem is challenging to correct unless the patient has enough space in the mouth for the teeth to move.
  • Appliance concerns: It’s only natural for adults to be concerned about wearing orthodontic appliances that are obvious and possibly embarrassing. Fortunately, orthodontic dental technology has made huge advancements in this area over the past several years, which makes embarrassment less of a concern for older patients.


Dr. Ryan once had a 79 year-old patient that wanted his teeth straightened as a part of his “bucket list.” The truth is that you’re never too old to reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment! Although there is a lifestyle change with any form of orthodontics, he designs his treatment plan so that it will affect your daily activities as minimally as possible. Whether you want to have straighter teeth, correct an improper bite, resolve pain in your neck and jaw, or simply make it easier to enjoy your favorite foods, Dr. Pendleton and our professional team at Pendleton Orthodontics are here to help!


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