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There’s no doubt about it – we live in an age in which technology is constantly advancing. The same holds true for orthodontic dental technology. Dr. Pendleton knows that the best way to provide his Leander, TX, area patients with the highest quality care possible is by utilizing the amazing new orthodontic devices designed to do just that. Here are just two examples of new orthodontic technology that we employ in our Leander, TX, office.


This remarkable device consists of an image sensor that utilizes optical and laser scanning to provide Dr. Pendleton with the ability to view high-definition images of a patient’s mouth instantaneously on a computer screen. The wand of the device fits easily inside the patient’s mouth, making it easy for Dr. Pendleton to use and comfortable for the patient as well. Because the iTero scanner produces digital impressions, it eliminates the need for traditional physical impressions to be made.


In this age of digital photography, it was only a matter of time before that technology was applied to X-rays. That day has come! Digital X-rays provide so many advantages over film X-rays: digital images are much clearer than traditional X-rays, digital X-rays are available for Dr. Pendleton to view immediately, we can archive digital images in our computer system, making it easy for Dr. Pendleton to view and compare X-rays taken over the course of time, and digital X-rays produce significantly less radiation (about 70% less) than old-style photographic X-rays.

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