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Are there Age Limits for Orthodontic Treatments?

Getting braces used to be a rite of passage for kids, but not anymore. Since treatment options have grown over the past 20 years, more and more adults are getting braces. But are there age limits for orthodontic treatments? Read on.

May 1st, 2022
When to Consider a Night Guard

Night guards are removable dental appliances that treat bruxism or teeth grinding. If you’ve been waking up with a sore jaw or a headache, a night guard may be just the thing. Read on to learn more.

Apr 1st, 2022
5 Signs of a TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorders, often incorrectly referred to as “TMJ,” are painful conditions that affect the two joints that are responsible for movements like yawning, speaking, and chewing. Some TMD symptoms are similar to other conditions. Read on

Mar 1st, 2022
5 Hygiene Tips When You Have Braces

Orthodontic appliances are handy tools to straighten teeth and fix alignment issues. Properly cleaning your teeth when you wear braces can be challenging though. Read on to learn some hygiene tips.

Jan 5th, 2022
What Does a Smile Makeover Entail?

Wouldn’t it be great to finally get that smile you’ve always dreamed about? Stop dreaming. Now with a procedure called a smile makeover your dentist can literally redesign your smile. Read on to learn more.

Dec 14th, 2021
Am I a Candidate for Invisalign®?

Correcting your crooked smile without the hassle of metal braces sounds like a dream, but it’s not for everyone. The best candidates have certain characteristics — find out if Invisalign® is right for you.

Oct 1st, 2021